mardi 28 février 2017

Dow Jones and the twelve records

Twelve records in a row - and not only records, but "numbers that's never been hit before", so these must be very special records 😉 !...

Trump Tweet Twists

Here is a bigger picture:

NB: data was grabbed from a chart using our Recurve tool.

And now a really big picture, including debt...

vendredi 10 février 2017

Data and indices, 2017-02-10

A bunch of updated economic data, in charts.

- our home-made greed index (Avindex): we are clearly in the danger zone for stocks and high-yield bonds.

- long term precious metals prices in USD (current or corrected by CPI or M2 values).

- Baltic Dry index, measuring maritime trade. At 707 points it is below the initial value of 1000, more than 30 years ago!

- Japan Consumer Price Index (CPI) - a chart that is not shown very often. The obvious reason is that it invalidates the legend of the "Japanese Deflation" specter heard from many mainstream economists and other spin doctors.

- USD Libor interest rates: they are still very low, but back to end-2009 levels. How high can they
go before it hurts ?

- US trade balance: trade deficit is still pretty large - will president Trump be able to reverse this situation ?

- Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil barrel price: until mid-2014 it was stabilizing at ~100, then crashed, and now beginning to stabilize at ~50. What's next ?

mercredi 25 janvier 2017

BNS décembre 2016

Résumé de la production de monnaie de la Banque Nationale Suisse (BNS) pour le seul mois de décembre 2016:
  • 6.5 milliards de francs créés à partir de l'air pur des Alpes - cela correspondrait par exemple à un chèque de 812 francs par habitant, ou alors à la moitié du coût du chantier du siècle, le tunnel de base du Gothard, le plus long tunnel ferroviaire du monde.
  • De ces 6.5 nouveaux milliards2.8 ont été imprimés physiquement sous forme de billets - là, on est proche du record mensuel. Imaginez l'émeute si la BNS avait distribué pour Noël des enveloppes, de 350 francs chacune, en tout-ménages, dans toutes les boîtes aux lettres, de Genève à Romanshorn!
Autant dire que les affaires d'Orell Füssli (l'entreprise qui imprime les billets) doivent être florissantes. On plaint les pauvres rotatives. En tout cas, vérifiez que l'encre est bien sèche quand vous allez au bancomat!

Pourvu que ça dure! Si un beau jour quelqu'un fait le calcul (en comparant aux valeurs 2007) et se rend compte qu'on a vendu le même ticket à dix personnes différentes, ça va être amusant...

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jeudi 29 décembre 2016

Retrospective 2016

  • Ada PDF Writer. First release in 2016. Link here.
  • AZip 2.0. First release with standard Deflate compression format and a recompression tool for squeezing Zip archives smaller, with an automatic algorithm picking depending on data types. Link here.
  • Excel Writer. Internationalization and zoom factor added. Link here.
  • GID (Generic Image Decoder). Maintenance release. Added a chart reverse-engineering tool. Link here.
  • GLOBE_3D. Added multi-texturing (specular textures added for shiny effects). Uses GID for decoding textures (broad choice of image formats). Added Wavefront object format importer. Link here.
  • Mathpaqs. Maintenance release. The Copula package can use a vector of pseudo-random generators instead of a single generator. Link here.
  • Zip-Ada. Added a "true" - and original - Deflate algorithm which scans the LZ-compressed data stream for setting up compression blocks, but without losing too much time doing so (Taillaule algorithm). Added an original LZMA algorithm which uses floating-point calculations for probability estimates of encoding variants. On some data formats (such as raw camera image data or mobile device data) this algorithm outpaces all existing LZMA-based compressions on the SqueezeChart benchmark! Link to Zip-Ada here.
Oh, perhaps it's worthwhile to remind it: all of this software is fully in Ada. With the exception of AZip, it builds "out-of-the box" on at least two independent Ada toolsets: AdaCore GNAT, and PTC ObjectAda.

BNS février 2017