mardi 29 novembre 2011

Monetary inflation ad nauseam

When I started working in the finance area, in 2001, I had already serious doubts about the viability of savings in any paper form (stocks, bonds, cash, derivatives). Especially money saved on standard pension schemes seemed to me to be just lost money.
Perhaps two elements helped me:
- at that moment, there was a stock crash and plenty of accounting and speculation scandals being revealed
- I was working in the pension fund area.
Some people already had identified the following cycle:

  1. central banks expand money to please the god of Growth, by forcing very low short-term interest rates, below price inflation rate, or by other additional means;
  2. the policy stays for long and is influencing longer-term rates as well;
  3. standard investment returns become negative in real terms;
  4. individuals and institutions are lead either to have no savings, or to speculate in the hope of getting positive returns;
  5. credit expands to provide leverage for speculation;
  6. a new bubble inflates;
  7. the bubble bursts and the hoped positive returns are gone;
  8. there is a recession, the god of Growth is angry;
end loop;

dimanche 6 novembre 2011


Ce n'est pas une blague macho, mais du vrai, du sérieux: des places de parc pour les femmes!

The smallest advertising panel ever

The smallest advertising panel ever 😉 : 8cm x 5cm x 2mm, aluminium - for my online game