samedi 24 octobre 2015

BNS - Monnaie Centrale - septembre 2015

On s'approche gentiment du prochain doublement (2^9) en milliards de francs créés - à partir du néant, rappelons-le...
Source: BNS (Banque Nationale Suisse), lien direct vers les données ici.

La BNS (et bien sûr aussi la BCE, la Fed, la Banque du Japon et depuis peu celle de Chine) est désemparée face à l'ampleur du problème de la dette. Seule solution: la fuite en avant, encore plus vite...

Désemparé adj. Qui ne sait plus où il en est, qui ne sait plus que dire, que faire.

vendredi 16 octobre 2015

lundi 5 octobre 2015

The Corporate Bullshit Generator - new rhetorical forms...

Last week-end's additions, some rhetorical forms that speakers or authors use to awaken their audience.
  • "The point is not merely X. The point is Y".
    X=something positive; audience is stunned and thinks "Ooooh".
    Y=something also positive; audience is relieved and thinks "Aaaah".
  • A variant, heard from a guy who uses it at each and every speech: "It's not about X. It's about Y".
  • Something found in an article: "There can be no X until we can achieve Y".
    X and Y are some exchangeable improvements. To that purpose, in the CBSG code, the Growth function is called for both X and Y.
The CBSG will then produce this kind of output:
  • The point is not merely to synergize our non-standard responsiveness. The point is to table our improved and trust-based tactics.
  • The point is not merely to create long-term value. The point is to make it possible.
  • It's not about multi-divisional and game-changing win-win solutions. It's about an operating strategy.
  • There can be no robust yield enhancement until we can achieve a rock-solid expansion.
Funnily, officers (real, military ones) use this trick as well: "Sirs, the exercise was not good ("Ooooh (must redo it?...)"). It was excellent ("Aaaah!")."

The Corporate Bullshit Generator live is available here.

Recent changes (including lots of new words and expressions!) can be browsed from that link.

Enjoy !

dimanche 4 octobre 2015

Inflation - paradoxe

Inflation monétaire du Franc Suisse (CHF) :

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Inflation (au sens commun : renchérissement) en Suisse :

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Des phénomènes similaires sont observés au Japon, dans la zone Euro et aux États-Unis. Donc tout va bien, n'est-ce pas ? On peut créer de la monnaie en quantités astronomiques et les prix restent stables ! C'est un miracle ! Ou alors, s'agirait-il du fameux "effet Cantillon" ?...

Bitcoin (and Swiss Franc) manias

Currently there is a crypto-mania (mostly around Bitcoin), no doubt about it. But let's put things into perspective. The followin...