vendredi 17 septembre 2010

New results for the Transparent Language Popularity Index

The September results for my Transparent Language Popularity Index (*) are published here: . Except the re-weighting of some search engines (Ask: to zero since there are no more hit counts there, and Yahoo!: to a small weight due to obviously noisy statistics) and the impressive rise of Apple's Objective-C, the funniest result might be a methodological side effect on my "rival", the TIOBE index.
(*) The Language Popularity Index tool is a fully automatic, transparent, open-source and free tool to measure the popularity of programming languages on the Internet. It uses the free Ada Web Server for the Internet stuff (one line of code in the tool!); other than that the tool was done in a couple of hours. And as usual with Ada, once it passed compilation, it worked... The whole process is now so automatized that I get the LPI web page, including all statistics, tables etc. in one single click! Oh, sorry: two clicks, since it is a double-click...

Done with some Ada programming...

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