The Corporate Bullshit Generator

This open-source project is not new, but new on the Web!
The Corporate Bullshit Generator (CBSG) is a high-performance random text generator that is focused on corporate bullshit, producing 400 pages per second of sentences like "A balanced efficiency drives the enablers within the industry", as meaningless as those from real people you might hear at some meetings. If you ever wondered why some speeches sound so random, it is because they are random. Perhaps they even come from this generator - who knows? After all, why sweat for writing a few lines during long minutes while your computer can create hundred of pages of the finest corporate language on a single click, and all for free!

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[ update 16-Mar-2012: the Generator's live version is here ! ]

Here are a few examples:
  • The Director of Human Resources transitions our enhanced skills using our communication; in the same time the resources address a tolerably expensive intelligence.
  • An overarching successful execution credibly generates our paradigms.
  • The resources proactively focus on our expertise.
  • Our customer-centric dialogues synergize the enablers as part of the plan, while lessons learned leverage a documented and integrated client focus.
  • An industry-standard platform technically transfers the focus, while a cost-effective 360-degree thinking transfers cascading skills. We must activate the matrix to think differently.
  • The thought leader pre-prepares our leveraged soft cycle issues; in the same time decentralized, progressive, contents inspire the project manager. An effective stress management generates a non-deterministic pipeline, while compliant strategic staircases interact with unique frameworks.
  • A strong value creation synergizes agreed-upon executions going forward.
Actually, the idea of random text generation is not new.
    The first instance I came across is a 1987 book of Jean Epstein, Petit guide de conversation usuelle pour changer le monde sans fatigue, ou, Comment se débarrasser des gêneurs, which provides a grid of words to be used randomly and suggest the use of a computer to compose random sentences. 

    Of course there are some famous ancestors of the CBSG, with very refined random grammars and even a random chart generator!
    • SciGen, the Computer Science paper generator
    • PoMo, the Postmodernism generator
    Enabled through Ada programming :-)

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