samedi 4 juillet 2015

Swiss Franc monetary base, status May 2015

Figures of the Swiss National Bank's Swiss Franc (CHF) monetary base.

The status is for May 2015, so before the Greek default.
Expect for later even a lot more CHF created out of thin air!
  • Monetary base measured: 446 Billion francs, that is 12.3 times the value of January 2000. It means that a loss of only 8.1% in the SNB fund would wipe out the equivalent of all CHF that were in the markets - and in particular in the Swiss economy - as recently as 2000.
  • Physically printed money (banknotes only) measured: 67 Billion francs, that is 2 times the value of January 2000.
SNB Monetary Base (M0) in blue, banknotes in red - linear scale - May 2015

SNB Monetary Base (M0) in blue, banknotes in red  - logarithmic scale - May 2015

Note that the SNB needs to regularly weaken the Swiss Franc since the begin of the financial crisis, no doubt about that. But probably a large part of international investors think the Swiss Franc is still a strong, gold-backed, alpine-rock-solid, clock-watch-reliable, stable currency. As long as they believe it, well... it will look true...
Source: Swiss National Bank, direct link here (just in case you don't believe my figures or my plots...).

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