samedi 10 septembre 2016

LZMA compression - a few charts

Here are a few plots that I have set up while exploring the LZMA compression format.

You can pick and choose various LZ77 variants - for LZMA as well as for other LZ77-based formats like Deflate. Of course this choice can be extended to the compression formats themselves. There are two ways of dealing with this choice.
  1. You compress your data with all variants and choose the smallest size - brute force, post-selection; this is what the ReZip recompression tool does
  2. You have a criterion for selecting a variant before the compression, and hope it will be good enough - this is what Zip.Compress, method Preselection does (and the ZipAda tool with -eps)
If the computing resource - time, even energy costs (think of massive backups) - is somewhat limited, you'll be happy with the 2nd way.
A criterion appearing obviously by playing with recompression is the uncompressed size (one of the things you know before trying to compress).

Obviously the BT4 (one of the LZ77 match finders in the LZMA SDK) variant is better on larger sizes than the IZ_10 (Info-Zip's match finder for their Deflate implementation), but is it always the case ? Difficult to say on this graphic. But, if you cumulate the differences, things begin to become interesting.

Funny, isn't it ? The criterion would be to choose IZ_10 for sizes smaller than the x-value where the green curve reaches its bottom, and BT4 for sizes larger than that x-value.

Another (hopefully) interesting chart is the way the probability model in LZMA (this time, it's the "MA" part explained last time) is adapted to new data. The increasing curves show the effect of a series of '0' on a certain probability value used for range encoding; the decreasing curves show the effect of a series of '1'. On the x-axis you have the number of steps.

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