jeudi 12 juillet 2018

Summary of open-source projects - July 2018

Here is a list of projects I participate to on SourceForge. Click on the links below for details.
Some projects have GitHub mirrors too.
  • Ada Bar Codes
  • Ada PDF Writer - a standalone, portable package for producing dynamically PDF documents
  • AZip - a free, portable Zip Archive Manager
  • CBSG - the Corporate Bullshit Generator
  • Engine_3D
  • Excel Writer - a standalone, portable Ada package for producing Excel spreadsheets
  • GID - Generic Image Decoder
  • GLOBE_3D
  • GWindows / GNAVI - the GNU Ada Visual Interface
  • GNOGA - the GNU Omnificent GUI for Ada
  • HAC - HAC Ada Compiler
  • Ini file manager - a standalone, portable Ada package for configuration files
  • LEA - Lightweight Editor for Ada
  • Mathpaqs - collection of mathematical, 100% portable, packages in Ada
  • P2Ada - Pascal to Ada translator
  • TeXCAD - a program for drawing or retouching {picture}s in LaTeX
  • Wasabee - a Web browser with safety focus
  • Zip-Ada - a standalone, portable Ada library for .zip archives

Oh, and one more project which is not open-source, but based on the GNOGA framework listed above:

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