mardi 27 novembre 2018

Zip-Ada v.55

Changes in v.55:
  • Zip_Streams: ZS_Size_Type is now 64-bit signed, enabling Zip.Create to capture archive size overflows in Zip_32 mode.
  • Zip.Create raises Zip_Capacity_Exceeded when archive creation exceeds the Zip_32 format's capacity: 4GB total size, 65,535 entries.
  • Zip.Create is now using an Ada 2005+'s Containers's Hashed Maps; creation is much faster on Zip archives with many entries.
  • (Tools) ReZip has a new option for working only with its own internal compression algorithms - those provided by Zip.Compress. This option is useful if external tools are not available.
  • New Trained_Compression package: generic streaming encoder-decoder engine with the capability of training the engine with data known in advance, in order to achieve better compression. Not Zip-related.
  • Minimum required Ada version is now Ada 2005 (was Ada 95 before).

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