mardi 12 mars 2019

Pasta! - Level 34

First of all, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newcomer, the fusillone:

The new pasta makes its first appearance in level 34 of the Pasta! game.

Caution: it's a Piccante level, which means it's a tough one.
Here are a few hints about how to tame it.

  • There are lots of moves at start (30), so your fate is (mathematically speaking) quite divergent: perhaps you'll be very lucky quite early, perhaps not at all. Don't give up, and try again!
  • Spot the 4's, the L's and T's early to earn points, even if all this basil is still blocking you (usually the tactic is to get rid of obstacles first)
  • Try to clear as much basil as possible in single moves (like the three fusillone on the bottom left in the picture)
  • Once there is more room on the plate, don't forget the general rule of these kind of games: do matches on the bottom, so you trigger more chain reactions.
  • Remember that there is an infinity of lives in this game, and that you can restart a level at any time either by clicking on the map, but, even easier, by clicking the Reload button!

As a bonus, here is the development Pasta! server, running from the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS), with level 34 as source code.
Click to enlarge

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