dimanche 17 mars 2019

Pasta! - Level 35

Level 35 of Pasta! is easy.

However you'll notice the redoubtable Antipasta hiding below basil layers.
Still, they can trigger nice chain reactions...

Pasta! - level 35
As a bonus, I've written down how much time it took to build this level.

  • 7 minutes from the sketch on paper to Ada code, using two editors: LEA and GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) including debugging: Ada detects at compile-time bugs like size mismatches or type errors. The only run-time issue was an infinite loop with rows of identical Antipasta. Perhaps it is a bug, or there are really no possible combination without immediate match for the startup board. I did not look into this.
  • 15 minutes testing the first version, which was a bit boring with nine columns and too few pasta sorts - that is, too many pasta of the same kind.
  • After reducing the number of columns from nine to seven and increasing the number of sorts of pasta, it became much funnier.
  • After v2 (2 minutes of testing), came v3 (7 minutes) and a few others (30 minutes in total) with always smaller fine-tuning for the number of rounds, the threshold in points, that corresponds to an easy (but not too easy) level.

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