samedi 2 novembre 2019

The Corporate Bullshit Generator - Business Agility Edition

Our best-in-class, high-performance digitized business intelligence tool, the Corporate Bullshit Generator, just got a tremendous impulse thanks to no one less than Dilbert himself (see the October 28, 2019, cartoon: Business Agility Influencer) ! Here are a few gems including the new items, that the CBSG produces - by the thousands each second, beating the most talented managers worldwide and beyond !
  • The Global Chief Business Agility Officer (CBAO) influences our business process quality engineering.
  • Business agility and solution orientation empower a sales target by expanding boundaries.
  • The Chief Operations Solutionist (COS) activates a first-mover, state-of-the-art, cross-pollination across the entire spectrum.
  • An insightful say/do ratio strengthens our high-performing customer behavior patterns, whilst a hybridation quickly strengthens the mediators.
  • The Enterprise Chief Business Planning Influencer (CBPI) cost-effectively enforces synchronized assets.
  • The "why" behind visions will be best positioned to enforce our field workforce optimization.
  • Pre-integrated diversification is all about right, awareness-raising, usage-based and holistic data science innovation.
  • Our challenge is not to co-specify our Business Model Innovation (BMI). Our challenge is to call "check-mate" ahead of competition. 

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